3D Accessories

3D Double Stack Storage Trays, Rolling Tray, Dice Trays


3D Printed trays are a lightweight, compact solution for miniature placement, rolling trays, or other storage needs. Carry a few with you to hold your minis and dice or to pass to other players to use who don’t have a rolling tray.

These 3D printed Double Stack trays have the same width and length as our Regular trays but have a double height wall for more dice, larger mini’s, terrain, or other larger game items. These trays are designed to fit The Apprentice GM Chest but are perfect for other gaming needs as well.

Each tray is 6.5 inches/16.51 cm long X 4.25 inches/10.8 cm wide X 3.5 inches/8.89 cm deep.

Our double stack trays come in a variety of colors. See the last picture for color options. Note that colors may vary depending on electronic screen/monitor differences.

**Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to ship trays depending on quantity ordered as we print to order**

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