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3D Accessories

Stands - For Phones, Tablets, GM Screens, Panels


Each of our stands are 3D printed and have a wide, sturdy base to hold your GM screen/panel, phone, tablet (up to an 11 inch), notebook, or anything you need. They come in a variety of colors and fold flat for compact storage.

The GM Chests come with stands, the quantity based on whether you have the Squire (small) or Apprentice (large), but these stands can be used with any of your gaming set-ups. Additional stands can be purchased as needed and are perfect for non-gaming needs as well.

All Stands - 2.5 inches/6.35 cm wide & tall

See last photo for color options. Note that colors may vary depending on different electronic screens/monitors.

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Stand with phone side.jpg
Stand with phone.jpg
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Stands Side.jpg
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Stand Tan with phone.jpg
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Stands Tan Overall.jpg
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