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Travel: What Jewelry Do I Bring with Me?

Hello Darling!

How have you been? Well, I hope. It's getting crazy around here, right? It's officially Autumn and already the weather is changing. While we still have a few weeks left of heat here in Cali, the air is already a bit cooler and the mornings are more crisp. I can already feel the holiday rush starting to kick in as we move closer to the end of another year. For me, that means more travel as the end-of-the-year conferences come to a close and last minute consultations by the Feds are frantically agendized and shoved into already packed schedules.

This year, I've had the pleasure of traveling quite a bit already - Colorado, New Mexico, a jaunt through the lower 11 states of the US, and I still have a trip to Scottsdale and Palm Springs and possibly Santa Fe and Albuquerque planned before the end of the year. Phew! But what does all this mean to you? Well, I thought I'd talk a bit about traveling with your jewelry. I'll also give you some of the best ways I've found to keep your jewelry clean, safe and tangle-free, but that's next week.

How Much Jewelry Do I Travel With?
The amount of jewelry I bring with me generally is decided by how long I'm going to be gone and where I'm going. For a quick overnight trip, I usually bring at least two pairs of earrings, a necklace that goes with my outfit and maybe a bracelet if I feel like wearing one. Rings always are on my fingers but I may pack one or two extra if I feel like being extra blingy. Note that this is in addition to what I'm already wearing. If I'm going to a meeting, like my clothes, I can never bring just one set of jewelry. When I have done this in the past, I get frustrated because it's usually not what I want to wear. My personal taste and ease of getting ready in the morning dictates several choices. As long as I can pick between a couple pairs of earrings, I'm pretty happy about my accessorizing.

However, if the trip is longer than a couple days, all bets are off and I bring six or more earrings, two or three necklaces, two to three bracelets and at least two extra rings. This is in addition to what I'm wearing. No, I don't usually wear each piece but I like to have options...just in case!

What are the Best Pieces to Wear While Actually Traveling?
My favorite way to travel is by air. I love airplanes and airports and getting to my destination quickly (as long as all factors come together to make the travel time quick!). During airplane trips, stud earrings with super secure backs are my go-to earring. Why? Because I've lost way too many dangle earrings on planes.  For my wrist? A cuff bracelet can easily be removed during TSA checkpoints. I'm getting in the habit of wearing my jewelry more so if I do have on a necklace, it's usually a pendant on a long chain which can be easily removed or swung around, again during TSA screenings. Rings are whatever I feel like. Just remember if you have too much metal on, you may be patted and wanded uncomfortably. I generally remove some of my bigger pieces and put them in my purse before it goes though the scanner. Just in case...

For car rides? Again studs, just because they are more difficult to lose. A small chain necklace and my rings complete the outfit. Now, I do have a new copper cuff bracelet that I picked up on Colorado and I wear it everywhere, so right now, it's coming with me on each trip.

What to wear on other modes of transportation, i.e. train, cruise ship, bus, stage coach (just joking...)? It totally depends on your personal level of comfort. Trains and buses usually are crowded so wear short, small pieces - stud earrings or small dangles, short chain necklaces that can't get caught and tighter fitting bracelets. If these are your only modes to travel, I would leave the more expensive jewelry at home or pack them safely in your luggage which you should not let leave your sight. If you adore shiny pieces, substitute with lower priced crystals, rhinestones or glass. It will be less painful to the pocketbook should they go missing.  Cruise ships are often good places to wear some of your favorite jewelry since dressing well for each event and/or dinner is part of the experience.

Use Caution, Please!
Most travel is safe and your jewelry will be secure. However, be aware of sticky fingers and use caution in leaving items around your room. If your room has a safe with a changeable access code, use it for all your jewelry, travel papers and portable electronics. It's just better to be safe than sorry!

I really hope this helps you decide with what jewelry to travel. I love wearing my semi-precious stones and especially my turquoise pieces. The bright colors cheer me and make an impression on new contacts. The best tip? Wear what makes you happy. Because traveling when you are uncomfortable is never any good!

Good-bye Beautiful! Until next time...


Where to Start?

Hello Darling!

I just wanted to give you a quick message this week and tell you how much I appreciate you. Just you. For all you are, now, in this instant, at the very second you are reading this. Not because you are perfect. But because you are who you are. Because you are strong. And tough. And resilient.

And this day-to-day stuff is hard. It seems like this world is just spinning madly and time seems forever to go by faster and we can't get everything done.  We just don't know how to say 'No' or 'Slow down' or 'Wait for me' or 'Maybe.'  I have that feeling too sometimes. It's ok.

But today, I just wanted to remind you that there are dreams to be dreamed and passions to follow and lives to be lived to the bursting-at-the-seams possibilities and that requires all our being, all our being present, all our strength in these messy, brilliant, wonderfully-scripted lives.

And today is short. Don't let worry about where to start living stop you from taking that first step. Just start. Pick something and go after it. Don't let fear hold you back from being the beautiful, gorgeous, passionate person you are. 

And if you can't get out of bed today or feel motivated to follow your passions, that's ok too. Start tomorrow. Start in the middle of something and learn along the way. The important thing is to just start.

And I appreciate you. Because you are you.

Good-bye Beautiful! Until next time...

Are You Tired? Let's Identify and Kick this Exhaustion Epidemic

Hello Darling!

Last week, I happened to be in Colorado for a conference. Usually this annual conference is pretty relaxing, with lots of good food, fun field trips and tons of information stuffed in my brain. While there was good food and tons of information, sadly it was not very relaxing. In fact, I spent most of the week very tired and struggling to maintain my attention. I did not come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. And I'm pretty sure I drank too much coffee.

Has this ever happened to you? You take a mini-vacation or a highly anticipated trip or just a staycation but you're so tired you can't be fully present to enjoy it?

I did some research on women being tired and I found that, according to sleep-expert Arianna Huffington, sleep deprivation not only contributes to a lack of attention but may cause more problems than we are aware - a suppressed immune system which equals more sickness, a decreased ability to handle stress well and even obesity, to just name a few. So why do we women do this to ourselves? That is, push ourselves so hard with whatever we are doing so that we are just not at our optimum daily?**


Why are Women So Tired?
Huffington says that often the reason is productivity related. Working gals tend to forgo a quality nights sleep so we can "get ahead." Other reasons women don't emphasize sleep can be family (think new babies and other worrisome concerns about kiddos), over extending ourselves with multiple jobs or even technology (um, repeatedly binge watching Vikings just one more time because, well, Vikings?!?).

So how do we ladies (and I do mean WE because WE have the power to make a change when it's literally affecting our health and the health of those we are closest to), how do we ladies decide to make this change for the better? I believe that it first starts with understanding what the problem is and then we can tackle the solution.


How Can We Tackle the Problem?
I want you to take a good hard look at yourself and determine why you are tired. Really look at your lifestyle and be honest with yourself. Are you pushing yourself at work? Are you socializing and going out too much? Do you have constant nightly disturbances that won't allow you to get a deep sleep? Is this just a phase or is it a lifestyle habit? Once you can get a good idea of why you don't sleep, you can begin to make choices on how to make changes. And no, I'm not suggesting you stop striving to be the best you can at work or to totally ignore your kids in lieu of your sleeping schedule. What I am suggesting is to make a simple, conscious change in your nightly routine that will help you sleep better.

Huffington says what works best for her is to "fall in love with sleep" again. She has adopted a nightly routine that guarantees that her batteries will be fully recharged in the morning. This includes allowing at least 30 minutes before bedtime to turn off all her electronic devices as the blue light inhibits sleep, taking a relaxing bath, wearing dedicated pajamas instead of gym clothes, reading non-work books and listing three things she was grateful for that day.

Does It Work?
I would think so since all those activities are a recipe for relaxation. And if we go to bed relaxed, we sleep better. It's science! Is it something you can do? Well, yes! When you make a conscious choice to do so. Remember that you can't be your most productive when your brain cells haven't fully renewed themselves at night. You can't be the best mommy or a good example to your kiddos if you don't take care of yourself. And trust me. Your friends will still be your friends if you don't stay out until 2am with them. Oh, and those Vikings? They can wait too.

Good-bye Beautiful! Until next time...

**Please note that if you are already getting enough sleep and are just tired all the time, it might be a hormonal imbalance, nutritional issue or other serious medical problem. Because I love you, please see your doctor if you have a persistent health concern.