Game Master Chests

Gaming Systems

Our Gaming Chests were created with you, the Game Master, in mind.

Two different sizes adapt to your experience level, your gear needs, & are customized to fit your design preferences.

Portable. Adaptable. Irresistible.

Meet your new Gaming System…

The Squire

Just as a Squire is responsible for attending to limited yet vital tasks for the Knight, this smaller sized version of our Game Master Chest will deftly manage important gaming essentials for you. Perfect for GM’s who like a smaller footprint, are starting out, or just like to be super organized, the Squire will take care of all your gaming requirements.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice - always ready to do your bidding, to carry all your essentials, to learn from the Master. Our Apprentice Game Master Chest, the largest of our gaming systems, will hold a shockingly large amount of equipment including large miniature’s, DM Guides, multiple sets of dice, journals, up to eight of our 3D printed trays, rolling towers, and quite possibly your bag of holding. (although we haven’t tried that one yet!) The Apprentice is ideal for traveling Masters or professionals, but is willing to hold anything you desire.