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Princess Seraphina - Seraphinite Necklace


Each piece in the Adventure Series has its own story of how it came to be with us today. Will you accept the challenge and add to its history?

“Twin sisters and princesses Seraphina & Celeste were beloved daughters of the Most High King. Upon their birth, they were gifted necklaces that matched their eye color from the Keeper of Colors.” No one knows exactly how this necklace found its way to the Greek Isle of Mykonos, but common lore says that Princess Seraphina, the older of the sisters, became an adventurer. She passed this necklace to a priest who hide it away for many centuries.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Seraphanite stone

Chain length:16 in/40.64 cm

Each piece in this series comes with a collector “museum card” describing its history.

Handcrafted in southern California by a real archaeologist

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Seraphina-Curved Chain.jpg
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