Tabletop gaming

We get excited when you open your battle bag and see those gorgeous, sleek dice.

We understand the pleasure of hand rolling those dice into a beautiful, felt lined wood tray.

We secretly love it when you get compliments on your matching dice chest and tray combo.

We get it. We’re gamers too! And whether your gaming habits are casual, professional or range somewhere in between, we know that trays, boxes and storage pouches are essential to getting you into character and improving your quality of play. They keep you organized, provide necessary storage and protection as well as reflect your personal style.

It is important to have functional and affordable accessories in your collection. So whether your goals are noise reduction during rolling, a small table footprint, travel capabilities, protection, ease of use or just beautiful organization, let our classic, handcrafted items be a part of your gaming experience.

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Protection. functionality. beauty.

Let our selection of tabletop accessories contribute to your quality tabletop gaming experience.

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Personal Dice Trays

2-in-1, dual rolling surface dice trays with choice of Classic interior felt.

Dice chests

Domed, wooden chest with choice of Limited Edition or Classic interior felt.


battle bags

Three sizes of handcrafted pouches to carry what you need to enter battle.

Starter Kits

New to gaming? These kits are perfect beginners.